my tiny planet

street photography

morning ride (^_^)Vm


learning photography

learning photography

done Fundamental photography \o/

starting new portfolio project :D

i’m kinda lazy on retouching faces soo i discover this amazing software Portait Pro. its super easy to use. everything has a setting like wrinkle remove, touchup brush, makeup, smooth skin and many more.

YEY! monster roller is LIVE on app store! And congratz team, BEST art award.
Pls support are game :D

starting new project match 3 game :D

texture time!

swimming training :)
then some sketches of cyborg for my new portfolio.I'm trying to do 3d render and animate in spine 2d.

ALOT notes on animation and missing assets [i hate missing assets] . after heavy work and test game. dinner with BZ friends! :D

and good luck BZ pips!

hmmm.. lesson learned less mesh edit more focus and chopping the body parts . much easy and less art distortion in unity.

And meet the boomzap team \o/

art assets by Caroline Dy

so many try and error on setting up the skinning tool. Now i think i getting hang on it. :D

art assets by Caroline Dy

try and error on skinning . I hope this one will work T_T.

art assets by Caroline Dy

not much today at work. But I start studying the swapping texture or in SPINE called "skinning", its swapping of texture but using the same bone. this good for customization of armor or recycling animation on characters or monsters but using the same bones .

btw all art asset i used are barrowed on other project on BZ. I just need the art assets for learning on SPINE 2d animation.

art assets by Caroline Dy